Asking the Universe for my next big project

25 Sep

They say that if you want something, you have to ask for it. Some of the philosophies in metaphysics say that you merely need to speak something into existence. Well, I guess I’m doing that now.

I want to have my work discovered by a major movie studio that is producing an epic steampunk film. The reason they contact me is because they would like to use models for the old fashioned feel and aesthetic, rather than use CGI to create the airships that are a large part of the movie.

Black and white photo of a reel of film showing a loop close-up.

In this scenario, they have seen my airships online or in person in the gallery I’m in. They love what they see and they want a meeting with me to discuss what they’re looking for. I like what they are trying to do, and I agree to be a part of their art and creative team. (You’re supposed to be very specific, right? OK, here it is) That project takes a year to do and the resulting movie is so fantastic that it gets a ton of recognition and attention. That attention leads to other steampunk art opportunities and before long I’m very busy building cool steampunk pieces for other studios doing other projects.

There, how’s that for a universal ask?

I’d love to hear about what you want from the Universe. Don’t be small about it, and be specific. The Universe needs you to be specific…the opposite of specific is vague and that gets you nothing!

Stephan J. Smith is the artist and sculptor at Artsmith Craftworks in Swartz Creek, MI. Using recycled and re-purposed materials, Stephan builds a myriad of sculpted wonders, including fantastic and whimsical steampunk airships that have amazed and delighted fans for years. A passion for reusing and up-cycling found items into beautiful and amazing art is what drives Stephan to make art that both teaches and inspires. Stephan also does commissioned work and is available to do talks and classes on re-purposing/up-cycling and may be reached at or at 810-516-7381.


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