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Bringing the giraffe to life

Last post, I showed you what the wall mount looked like. Now I’m going back to the giraffe and beginning the final painting. Putting color over the “fur” texture I showed you awhile back is going to really give the giraffe a lot of realism.

Realism of a glossy painted eye!

You see how painting the eyes and giving them a gloss also breathes life into an inanimate object. You almost expect the giraffe to turn to you for a carrot!

Face painting!

After the eyes, I started adding the color to the top of the face and around the eyes. I looked at a lot of reference to get the color of the spots correct and also the pattern, and you know what I discovered? There is a huge amount of variability in the pattern and even the color of the spots on a giraffe. Spot color ranges from tan to more orange while the light color behind the spots could be nearly white to a creamy tan. The shape varied from rounded trapezoids to very irregular starry shapes with light veins or star bursts within them. I finally decided to make up my own pattern by picking shapes and colors that I liked, was aesthetically pleasing and I felt in harmony with.

Top of face and nostrils

Next time I’m going to show the side painting. What patterns have you noticed in giraffes?

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