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Paper Mosaic

21 Jul

Mosaics are a beautiful expression that can use re-purposed pieces of just about any material and paper is no exception. For years, I’ve had quite an extensive collection of paper. Swatch books, scrapbooking prints and bits & pieces that were either left overs from other projects or were even purchased with the idea of including them in some cool new piece.

This time around, I decided to put a new face on a scruffy looking table in my office. I doodled out a design and started snipping pieces, using Tacky glue to adhere them to a black piece of base paper. Using the age-old technique of hand cutting each piece to fit, the “tile” shapes, while similar, are also somewhat irregular. In case you’re wondering, the shape in the middle is a spinal column since it is in a chiropractic office!

Paper mosaic

When the tiling was done, I cemented the mosaic sheet to the table with contact cement, then gave it a couple coats of Mod Podge to seal it and give it a tile-like glossy surface. The results were fantastic!

Paper mosaic on table

What mosaics have you done with scrap materials?


Gecko mosaic

07 Feb

Today, I’m shifting out of my usual paper mode and showing my love for mosaic. I’ve done mosaic in ceramic tile, glass, stone, terra cotta, and paper, and I love them all. This particular piece is a small bookshelf I built from essentially scrap birch plywood. I stained it a really cool viridian-ish green, then pieced together a mosaic on top using scrap ceramic tile and glass beads and finally grouted with a blueberry grout. Mosaics are definitely a labor of love because unless the pieces are all uniform tiles in a pattern, they are cut or broken to fit or make specific shapes. The latter is the case with this mosaic, as you can see. Maybe one day, I’ll do a steampunk paper mosaic on a papier mache form, then I’ll have most of my bases covered!

Gecko mosaic bookshelf

Left detail

Right detail