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Odd Beauty Press coverage…word gets around!

I’ve been talking about the steampunk museum exhibit that my work is being shown in, currently running at the Southampton Arts Center in New York. The exhibition is called Odd Beauty: The techno-Eccentric World of Steampunk Art+Design, and it includes 20 steampunk artists (including myself) from around the world! There has been quite a lot of press local to New York, but I’m passing on the links to the publications which have done articles on the exhibit. This exhibit has drawn international interest and record attendance of the museum already and it still has several weeks left to run.

The list of article links is below…drop by and give ’em a read!

The Independent

Southampton Press


The East Hampton Star

Dan’s Papers (01)

Dan’s Papers (02)

Dan’s Papers (03)

Sag Harbor Express

The curator of the exhibit, Art Donovan, who himself is an artist says,

“The Southampton Arts Center has never seen such attendance or press coverage for any other exhibition.  Clearly,  having feature articles published in all the newspapers helped. That has never happened before for any show or museum in the area.
The Board of Directors is stunned by the reception to our exhibit and after seeing how popular the show is with visitors, they plan upon making this show a yearly event.
I guess it doesn’t get better than that!
Stephan J. Smith is the artist and sculptor at Artsmith Craftworks in Swartz Creek, MI. Using recycled and re-purposed materials, Stephan builds a myriad of sculpted wonders, including fantastic and whimsical steampunk airships that have amazed and delighted fans for years. A passion for reusing and up-cycling found items into beautiful and amazing art is what drives Stephan to make art that both teaches and inspires. Stephan also does commissioned work and is available to do talks and classes on re-purposing/up-cycling and may be reached at ArtSmithCraft@yahoo.com or at 810-516-7381.

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