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Small steampunk gunship #2

18 Dec

Another of the 12″ steampunk airships that I built for the 2012 World Steam Expo in Dearborn Michigan.  Similar in shape and design, but with some modification. Like my other airships, it uses recycled, repurposed materials.

12" Steampunk Gunship Airship 02

12″ Steampunk Gunship Airship 02

If this ship is one that you would like to have built as part of your own home steampunk display, don’t hesitate to email me for details!

As I said before, I welcome all comments!


Small steampunk gunship #1

03 Dec

This is a 12″ steampunk airship that I built originally for the 2012 World Steam Expo in Dearborn Michigan. I actually built four of them, but this one and one other are the only two I have photos for. I’ve built quite a few at this size, and they are nice, but surprisingly, they seem to be less popular than a version I’m doing lately that’s about 50% larger. I try to build airships that capture a Victorian whimsy or a harder edge steampunk aesthetic, but that always look well used machines, not bright, shiny relics.

12" Steampunk Gunship Airship 01

12″ Steampunk Gunship Airship 01

This airship is a simple Victorian design that, like all my other work, uses recycled, repurposed materials. I save scraps of just about anything to use as raw materials for my sculptures. My wife thinks I teeter on the edge of being a hoarder, but I’m more of a saver of artistic elements, so I guess I hoard with a purpose!

I’d like to say that there is a link for this to my Etsy site for purchase, but alas, this one is sold. If this ship is one that you would like to have built as part of your own home steampunk display, don’t hesitate to email me for details!

What type of features would you like to see on the airships I build? I welcome all comments!


Steampunk Airship Diarama

10 Jan

I have done many airships and those of you familiar with my workmay have seen them at World Steam Expo, which is sadly, no more  :-(.  This project is one that I wanted to approach a little differently. I still wanted to do an airship, but one that was the same style as those in my Airship Kits, but a little larger, more detailed and in a whimsical format that could have a place on a tabletop or a wall. What better way to accomplish that than in a diarama. You remember these from school, but you probably built yours in a cardboard box or an old shoebox. This airship diarama is built in an old dresser drawer that I put a base on and painted just for the occasion!

I started by scaling up my Airship Kit pattern and creating the cone ends of the airship body.

Airship body end pieces

These ends were then put together to form the body or envelope of the airship.

Assembled airship body

With the body assembled, the trim and detailing can begin. I began by using a watercolor wash to add some depth and interest to the surface of the airship body, then trailing on some veining that makes the surface look a little marbly, but fun.

To cover the cone joints, I used strips of cloth tape that I had painted with metallic copper acrylic paint, then applied them carefully and burnished them down.

Then, over the center seam, I used a strip of the same index stock I used to construct the original cones…a great way to reuse, re-purpose and recycle, since this is really old manilla file folder! This strip was then also painted with metallic copper acrylic paint and glued around the center if the body. “Rivets” were added using paint dots and the copper was given a patina with green paint. It’s cool what amazing art you can come up with if you just give it a little thought!

Details added

Next post, I’ll add more details and start building some other structures for the zeppelin.

What projects have you started for the New Year?



Great fun at World Steam Expo 2012

03 Jun

This year’s World Steam Expo was a great show filled with adventure and friends. Personally, my booth did well and I made some new friends and connections as well. I sold two of the smaller airship sculptures that I did especially for this event and the larger airship, the Anastasia, was well received.

I got the chance to speak personally to Captain Robert Brown of Abney Park fame, who by the way, just released a new album, and I chewed the fat a bit with John Strangeway of Penny Dreadful Productions, better known as Steampunk Boba Fett.

My kids joined in the fun and added some accessories to their costumes like a great corset from Ties that Bynde and a hat from Blonde Swan.

I met a funny, gregarious and talented harp maker named Jeff Lewis of Lewis Creek Instruments and Harps. Jeff just had a big write up in the Livingston County Press & Argus a few weeks ago.




Now comes the task of preparing for next year’s WSX and I already have ideas for new sculptures and other cool additions to my booth. Stay tuned as I post progress on the new stuff and tell your friends to subscribe and join in!

Thanks for following…your comments are welcomed and appreciated!


World Steam Expo 2012!

21 May

I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been diligently working on projects in preparation for World Steam Expo 2012 in Dearborn, MI this coming weekend. Look for the Artsmith Craftworks booth and look for the DIY Airship panels where you can build your own little airship from a kit that I have available.

I hope to see you all  there!



01 Jun

Those of you able to attend this year’s World Steam Expo found an exciting and visually impacting show, filled with outstanding costumes, great breakout panels and skilled artisans. The picture immediately below is but one example of the attention to detail paid by those in attendance. For more photos, see the Expo page here.

Fantastic costuming

I personally conducted two panels on Building your own Airship, using Airship Kits that I created and sold. These kits are small and easily assembled even by kids, but are structurally significant enough to detail paint as showpieces. (These kits will be available for purchase from this site very soon!). If participation is high enough, we plan to hold a contest via my Facebook page, at this link, in which you can photograph your finished airship kit and post it to Facebook, then tag me in the photo so it comes to my page and it will be judged for prizes. Below are photos of the kit materials.

Gondolas ready for assembly

Airship Kit bodies awaiting packaging into kit bags

Airship kit parts ready for packaging

Completed and detail painted Airship Kit

Finally, the large airship that I have been posting the construction progress of, made its debut at the Expo to the delight of all that saw it enter the front doors and be majestically carried through the hotel as if flying in the aether. Many photos were taken (post them on FB and tag me please!), many delightful ramblings were made and lots of “ooooh’s and aaaah’s” were heard. Thank you all for your kind words and encouraging comments! This piece is for sale and you can contact me via email ( or watch for the link from the gallery showcase page.

The Diabolus flies at World Steam Expo 2011

The Diabolus aloft on the second floor of the Dearborn Hyatt

Thank you to Salathiel Palland of Off the Beaten Path for her guidance and encouragement. Thank you also to Arica Jones & Morgan Kollin who helped make the Expo fantastic this year! All comments pertaining to the show and my airships are welcomed and encouraged! More photos of the event can be seen on my World Steam Expo page here.

What kind of airships would YOU like to see in the future from me??!!