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Odd Beauty Press coverage…word gets around!

Odd Beauty: The Techno-Eccentric World of Steampunk Art+Design

Repurposing, Artsmith style

What kind of people buy my sculptures?

Asking the Universe for my next big project

Steampunk vents from repurposed lids – Artsmith Craftworks

Steampunk airship parts from found objects

My artistic process – Artsmith Craftworks

Repurposing cardboard into steampunk airship gondolas – Artsmith Craftworks

Propeller process

What I love most about building my steampunk airships

How large are my steampunk airships?

What inspires my steampunk airships?

My artistic philosophy

I love happy collectors!

Airships in Chicago

The “Hot Rod” Airship

Airship Zeppo flies in Sarasota

Steampunk Airship delivery to Legendary Escapes!

Prepping found objects for use as art media


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