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Steampunk Victorian Airship

I’m now in The Rumjahn Gallery!

Steampunk airship Christmas ornaments

What kind of people buy my sculptures?

Steampunk selfies

Asking the Universe for my next big project

My artistic process – Artsmith Craftworks

Google airships fly!

Propeller process

What started me building my steampunk airships?

How large are my steampunk airships?

My artistic philosophy

I love happy collectors!

Airship Christmas ornaments

Airships in Chicago

The “Hot Rod” Airship

Airship Zeppo flies in Sarasota

Steampunk Airship delivery to Legendary Escapes!

Re-purposing… a personal passion

Fellow steampunk fan loves his new Artsmith Craftworks airship

Artsmith Craftworks’ airship flies in Boston


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