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What kind of people buy my sculptures?

Q: Who is it that wants to have one of my creations? I ask myself this question often because knowing who wants your stuff and how to get it to them is important!

A: The answer to the question varies a bit because I’ve had lots of very different people buy my work. I guess it starts with people who enjoy the steampunk aesthetic since most of what I’m doing right now revolves around steampunk one way or another. And, most of the steampunk stuff is airships or hot air balloons. I think that’s because in addition to steampunk being a visually cool genre, steampunk airships are a whimsical and fantastic look at a “what if” world. Steampunk airships are awe-inspiring and amazing, so even if you weren’t a huge fan of steampunk before, one of my sculptures would convert you!

Photo of Victorian style steampunk airship sculpture Anastasia,  36" long, (Maki size).

The Airship Anastasia

So, people who like steampunk, but what else? Certainly people who want that aesthetic to be a part of their home or business. I have had people commission pieces for their homes and I’ve had people commission pieces for businesses. The most notable were the two airships that I did for a Chicago corporate holiday party last year. Once their appearance was done at the party, they were to go to hang in the company’s corporate offices. The company, you ask? GOOGLE!

I guess the people who would buy my work boils down to people who love and appreciate steampunk and want to have elements of it on display in their homes and/or offices and are willing to pay what I ask for my work. It isn’t cheap…there is simply too much love, attention and time put into each piece. Like any serious artist, my pieces are like my children and it hurts me to see them leave the nest, but I love seeing the joy they bring to those who want them and I’ll continue to build these fantasy filled creations for as long as I’m able, but I’m not getting any younger. Better get yours while you can!

Stephan J. Smith is the artist and sculptor at Artsmith Craftworks in Swartz Creek, MI. Using recycled and re-purposed materials, Stephan builds a myriad of sculpted wonders, including fantastic and whimsical steampunk airships that have amazed and delighted fans for years. A passion for reusing and up-cycling found items into beautiful and amazing art is what drives Stephan to make art that both teaches and inspires. Stephan also does commissioned work and is available to do talks and classes on re-purposing/up-cycling and may be reached at ArtSmithCraft@yahoo.com or at 810-516-7381.

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